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This Isn’t a Competition

When you are looking for that perfect girl keep in mind that dating isn’t a competition. I know you might be looking at it that way but it really isn’t. You aren’t going head to head with someone else, you are meeting girls you are interested in and seeing if there is a connection, if there is then great, if not then you move on to the next one. Most times there is a strong enough connection that you don’t have to […]

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Dating Blues? Try Online Dating!

If it’s been awhile since you have dated and you aren’t sure where to start maybe you should start online.  It’s easy, some of the sites are free, the ones that you do pay for really aren’t that much each month, you can fill out your profile to find the right kind of girl for you (IF you are honest with who you are and what you want), you can weed through them and date only who […]

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