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This Isn’t a Competition

When you are looking for that perfect girl keep in mind that dating isn’t a competition. I know you might be looking at it that way but it really isn’t. You aren’t going head to head with someone else, you are meeting girls you are interested in and seeing if there is a connection, if there is then great, if not then you move on to the next one. Most times there is a strong enough connection that you don’t have to […]

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Finding The One-Tips and Tricks

Finding clubs or groups with the same interests as you is one of the best ways to meet girls that you will click with and have things in common with. You can check your community events boards, go to colleges and check out their clubs and their community boards too. You want to put yourself in situations where you are going to bump into girls or women in your age group and that you will have enough […]

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Common Dating Activities

When you are first dating it is best to avoid places like the movies or loud clubs, you want to be able to get to know each other and you can’t talk at a movie theater and you don’t want to have to shout at each other if you are in a club so what is there to do then? Well there are alot of things you can do if it’s nice out, going for a walk […]

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